Ultimate Funko Pop Checklist - Calculator

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Ultimate Funko Pop Checklist - Calculator

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Do you collect funko pops? Are you a completionist?

No more wondering how many funko pops you have left to get of each pop series.

Our complete funko pop list gives you:

  • Quick summary of how much funko pops you own in your collection
  • How many more funko pops you need before completing the set
  • Which funko pop series you have the most in your collection

Use our ultimate funko pop checklist template to list all your funko pops in one place digitally or print out.  


  1. New Funko Pop Collectors: Even if you have less than 100 funkos, it's better to know how much you have and which ones to get next.
  2. Established Funko Pop Collectors: Having a large collection it's easy to forget which pops you already have, it's worth keeping track and knowing which sets are done.


  • (1) Google Sheet Template (includes pre-calculated fields of Funko Pop Names & formulas)
  • Over 300+ Funko Pops Listed
    • Popular Pop Series such as The Office, Stranger Things, & Demon Slayer etc.


Unlimited Monthly Updates - We keep the products fresh for you when new funko pops come out.

No more wondering about how many funko pops you have, and which ones are in your collection. Put those concerns to rest by using this simple template.


The simpler the better. Keeping a log of which funkos you own doesn't need to be difficult and you can access this anywhere, at any time.

Also, Rank 'Your Favorite' Funko Pops based on which are most valuable to you. Knowing exactly which ones have the most sentimental value and meaning.

Here's a DEMO video of how it works:


Why do you need this?

You can do this at scale or one at a time. Either way, tracking all your Funko Pops (digitally) will give you the confidence that you know exactly what collectibles you have.

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You'll get (1) Google Sheets Template & Monthly Updates

Pre-Filled Template
Monthly Updates
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